Diabetes in Romania

According to the National Study on the Prevalence of Diabetes, Prediabetes, Overweight, Obesity, Dyslipidemia, Hyperuricemia and Chronic Kidney Disease (PREDATORR), Romania is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Europe (11.6%), with Turkey occupying the first position on the list (14.85%).

Among the population between 20 and 79 years old (16,488,000ⁱ people), 1,530,000 are diagnosed with diabetes, which means that, in Romania, one in eleven people suffer from diabetes.

Officially, 6.5% of the Romania population suffers from diabetes, but many specialists claim that the percentage is much higher, as very many people, for various reasons, have not been diagnosed and registered with a specialist yet.

“Worrying statistics regarding the prevalence of diabetes motivate us, specialists, to work even harder for the “Control Your Diabetes” campaign that we started in 2011. Our first care is to make people understand that this illness can be prevented by a series of habits that we can all incorporate into our lives: we wish to convince people to conduct yearly routine test that can help them discover diabetes in an incipient stage and we also want to let diabetics know that they are not fighting this affliction on their own, but that we make important efforts in order to find new ways of keeping it under control,” stated Professor Maria Mota MD, President of the Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases.

Early diagnosis is extremely important. That is why periodic blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin tests are crucial. Also, in the interest of both prevention and alleviation of symptoms, we must have a healthy lifestyle, based on a balanced, correct diet and daily exercise. According to the representatives of the International Diabetes Federation, 30 minutes of daily exercise reduces the risk of developing diabetes mellitus by 40%.

Source: www.edumedical.ro