What is Favio?

Favio® is enhanced with MON6X® and 16 vital vitamins and minerals, which makes it a unique food supplement. MON6X® is a distinctive formulation developed exclusively for the needs of diabetic people and their families who are predisposed to diabetes. Since MON6X® along with other vitamins and minerals contribute greatly to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels, by taking Favio® you can rest assured you will enjoy good health.

Regular intake of Favio® will:

  • aid in maintaining normal blood glucose levels;
  • boost immunity;
  • maintain normal functioning of the thyroid;
  • help in normal blood clotting;
  • contribute towards normal vision;
  • greatly reduce tiredness and fatigue and help in boosting energy;
  • help protect cells from oxidative stress;
  • help maintain normal blood cells;
  • help maintain good skin and nails.



MON6X®: MON6X® is a specialized formulation designed to meet the nutrition needs of people with diabetes and their families.

Zinc plays a key role in maintaining both day and night vision, and it is present in high concentrations in the eye. Zinc deficiency can alter vision, and severe deficiency can cause changes in the retina. Zinc helps in transformation of carbohydrates and macro nutrients to energy. It also helps in metabolism of fatty acids which helps in maintenance of normal serum testosterone.

Chromium is one of the most crucial mineral in body’s defense against Diabetes. Chromium deficiency impairs the body’s ability to use glucose to meet its energy needs. Chromium is used to maintain normal blood glucose levels in the body. As diabetes quickly affects vision, Vitamin A is required by our bodies for the proper development and functioning of our eyes, skin and immune system.

Vitamin B6 helps keeping the blood sugar in normal range by promoting glycogen metabolism. Vitamin B6 is helpful against diabetic neuropathy by helping maintain normal nerve function. By being an immunity booster, Vitamin B6 helps fight many complications arising from diabetes. Vitamin B6 also helps in production of hemoglobin in the body.

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant produced by the body and is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy. Unlike other antioxidants, ALA is both water and fat soluble, which means it can work throughout the body. Lutein is one of the major carotenoids found as a color pigment in the human eye (macula and retina).

In addition Favio® contains also:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is supportive against diabetic neuropathy by contributing towards normal nerve function. By being an immunity booster, Vitamin C helps fight infections in the body. Vitamin C contributes towards reduction of tiredness and fatigue in the body and protects the cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 may have a role to play when treating diabetic neuropathy. The presence of vitamin b 12 contributes towards normal functioning of nerve cells. Vitamin B12 is beneficial for the normal red blood formation and is known to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is produced by the body during sun exposure. Insufficient exposure to sunlight especially during the cold months can cause Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is vital in absorption of Calcium in the body.

Vitamin E: When the body has an insufficient amount of vitamin E, internal structures can be damaged by enhanced free-radical damage. Increasing vitamin E in the bloodstream will contribute towards the protection of cells from oxidative stress and protect DNA, lipids and proteins from oxidative damage.

Biotin: Biotin is beneficial in maintaining the normal function of the nervous system. Biotin contributes in the transformation of macronutrients to energy and aids in normal energy yielding function. It is also beneficial for the normal physiological function.

Pantothenic Acid: Pantothenic acid is beneficial for diabetics as it contributes towards the normal mental performance and helps in reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Pantothenic acid also aids in synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones in the body.

Calcium: Calcium is very beneficial for diabetics as it contributes to normal clotting of the blood and normal function of all body muscles and bones. Calcium contributes towards normal blood calcium levels and helps with the normal function of digestive enzymes.

Iodine: Iodine is beneficial for diabetics as it contributes in the normal function of the nervous system. Iodine is also important in maintenance of normal skin and helps in the normal production of thyroid hormones which is needed for normal thyroid function.

Selenium: Selenium protects the body cells from oxidative damage. It contributes towards maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails. Selenium also aids in boosting the immunity and in maintaining normal thyroid function. Selenium is also known to contribute towards contributes to normal spermatogenesis which is very important for sexual reproduction.

Manganese: A deficiency of manganese is known to be common amongst diabetics. Manganese contributes towards normal formation of connective tissues in the body and helps protect the cells from oxidative damage.

Potassium: Administering insulin to the body may cause a potassium deficiency. Potassium is especially beneficial for the normal functioning of the nervous system .

Magnesium: Magnesium tends to decline in people with diabetes, and may fall to dangerously low levels amongst those suffering from severe diabetic retinopathy. Magnesium helps in the normal function of the heart muscles and in retaining the electrolyte balance in the body. It helps in reducing the tiredness and fatigue in the body and contributes towards energy yielding metabolism.

Niacin: Niacin contributes to normal psychological and nervous system function. It is beneficial in maintenance of normal skin and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 contributes towards normal function of the nervous system and helps in the formation of red blood cells. It helps in the normal metabolism of iron and helps in reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B2 also contributes towards normal vision and skin.

Daily dosage:

Ingredients per 2 tablets

VNR – Valoare nutriţională de referinţă, *Valoare nutriţională de referinţă nedeterminată

Active ingredients Contents per 2 tab. %NRVs
Magnesium (Magnesium oxide) 200 mg 53%
MON6X®* 123.9 mg/ 0.124 g
Vitamin C (L- ascorbic acid) 120 mg 150%
Potassium (Potassium chloride) 100 mg 5%
Calcium (Calcium carbonate) 80 mg 10%
Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl acid succinate) 30 mg a-TE 250%
Niacin (Nicotinamide) 18 mg NE 112%
Pantothenic acid (Calcium d-pantothenate) 6 mg 100%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.6 mg 114%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride) 1.4 mg 127%
Manganese (Manganese citrate) 1 mg 50%
Folic acid (pteroilmonoglutamic acid) 400 mcg 200%
Biotin(d- Biotin) 150 mcg 300%
Iodine(Sodium Iodide) 100 mcg 67%
Selenium (Selenomethionine) 60 mcg 109%
Vitamin B12 (Cynacobalamine) 10 mcg 400%
Vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol) 5 mcg 100%


Cereţi sfatul mediclui de familie cu privire la introducerea suplimentelor alimentare în regimul alimentar pentru a fi siguri că administrarea acestora împreună cu medicamentele prescrise nu este dăunătoare.

Paraben free! Gluten free! Favio is not a medicine and it does not heal diabetes. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Do not leave the product in children’s reach or in their sight.
Food supplements do not substitute a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product in its original bottle, at room temperature and in dry, aired spaces.
Ask for more information about Favio from your nearest pharmacy.

Administrare: 60 tablete. Câte 2 tablete zilnic.


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