What can you do for yourself to help prevent diabetes Type 2 – part 1

In recent decades, we’ve come to understand that lifestyle plays a huge role in the development of Type 2 diabetes. More recently, a multitude of other factors have been identified that can contribute to increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, such as low intake of some essential nutrients, some medications, environmental pollutants, sustained elevated stress hormones and inadequate sleep.

Since no one lives in a bubble, when you combine poor diet with lack of physical exercise and other risk factors, you can quickly see why diabetes is epidemic and continuing to increase.

So what can be done to help prevent diabetes?

Cut on the intake of refined carbs

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of studies now that show elimination of refined flours and sugars is the number one way to reduce inflammatory processes that occur from postprandial hyperglycemia. The biggest factor that contributes to arterial plaque formation is postprandial hyperglycemia. Lower carbohydrate diets are also the best choice for people with Metabolic Syndrome, which is when people have become insulin resistant and their blood glucose starts to elevate along with high blood pressure and cholesterol.[i]

So using a low carb diet is the best way to help address the other two risk factors on the conventional list, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Intake of whole grains lowers diabetes risk

A big reason may be because of their resistant starch content, a food component that is being heavily researched today. Resistant starches are forms of starch that do not digest. Because they aren’t digested, they travel to the large intestine, where they feed the beneficial flora of the colon leading to improved signaling of gut hormones that control appetite and help with blood glucose regulation.

[i] Volek JS, Feinman RD Carbohydrate restriction improves the features of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome may be defined by the response to carbohydrate restriction. Nutrition & Metabolism2005, 2:3

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