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Valuable advice for people with diabetes integrated in 2 eBooks

Our assumed commitment is to become a valuable source of information on diabetic related problems. Stay close to us because we’re preparing two electronic books starting from January ehich will help you manage your lifestyle in such a way that diabetes will never feel like a limitation.

  1. 20 delicious recepies for glycemic problems

Whoever started the phrase that „what is good is either ilegal, expensive or makes you gain weight” has been seriously mistaken. And we will prove it. The 20 recipes that we are preparing for you are not only good for avoinding weight gain, but they are inexpensive to prepare and completely legal.

  1. The most widespread myths about diabetes

The missconceptions that we carry with us for years are some of pur biggest enemies because they work against us without us even knowing it. We recommend that you dedicate a portion of your afternoon to eliminate these faux beliefs that have been implanted from popular culture.

If the online published e-books teach you how to combat the effects of diabetes, in February we will be present on TV also. Until then stay tuned to meet us and find out how we can help you with your glycemic problems!

Favio – your information source in relation to diabetes

What the internet manages to do is to transform people into better informed, prepared and stronger ones. We’re aware that our duty as brand and friend is to contribute to this general knowledge by offering you, our client, all the information that we’ve acumulated after our experience in our fight against diabetes.

Thus, we want to make sure that after we meet you will know everything you need in order to take care of your glycemic levels. If after the time you’ve spent with us online, you can protect yourself from the day to day problems that diabetes can pose, then we know that we’ve acomplished our mission.

In order to find out everything you need about your glycaemia levels and how to maintain it in normal limits we are going to post a series of weekly articles. We invite you to read them at your morning coffee, at the end of the day before going to sleep or any time you want to dedicate a few minutes to yourself. Acces the useful articles section.

And for us to exchage ideas with you, to answer your questions and keep you up to date with everything we’re preparing for you, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Also let’s become friends on Instagram to make communication more visual!